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Solid White Oak Butcher Block Finished in Odie's Oil (1).JPG

Whole Home in White Oak
and Odie's Oil

Sometimes, you need to go out on a limb. The vision was to bring Paris to the prairies. For us, it started with some custom doors, and an offhand mention about achieving a finish that looked like it had been around for 100 years. We had the product, and we knew we could do it, but how do you convince the client? It ended with taking the plunge, and doing something amazing. Doors? Check and double check. Tables? Got it. Countertops? Yes. Can you do this, and that, and these? Of course.

Job location: Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Featured products:
Custom Interior Single Panel White Oak Doors
with Mouldings
Custom Double Set of Arched 2 Panel White Oak
Doors with Bolection Moulding
Butcher Block Counter Top in White Oak
Custom White Oak Library Columns
Round Table Tops in White Oak
Custom Arched Open Face Cabinets in White Oak
Custom Curved Door Jamb and Astragal
Custom Mouldings and Mirror Frame

The hardwood floor, the entire island, all the doors,
the exterior door, the library (and the ladder!), the round tables, the arched cabinets, the stairs, the powder room, and the entire wine room are all finished in Odie's Oil supplied by us (oil applied by other).

Haven Builders

Photography by D&M Images

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