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Mr. Cornwall’s Creative Colours - Southern Pecan


Click HERE to see a selection of videos on how to use the pigments.


Welcome to Mr. Cornwall’s Creative Colours - pure powdered pigments! Created for the master and amateur alike, these are 100% pure, finely ground pigments, refined from the natural metals of the earth. Our pigments are of the finest quality, are fully oxidized and completely stable, meaning they will not fade over time. They offer excellent UV protection, sunscreen for the wood!


We chose a pure powdered pigment system to provide the best quality materials to our customers to ultimately use as tools in the Odie’s system of all-natural finishing to create decorative water-repellent stains, custom-made patinas and color-matched protective finishes for all woodworking projects, including flooring, interior/exterior furniture and artwork, doors, decks, gates, siding and more!


Staying true to the Odie’s system, there is no one way of doing things! You are never stuck in a box when using any Odie’s product. This system is designed to give you all the tools you need and put you in full control! Make as little or as much stain as needed to complete a project, minimizing waste. Add more or less pigment to control saturation of color and even mix in other pigments to customize the color, value and tone. Utilize the different bases for the stain (oil, oil/solvent, wood butter and even the wax!) to really tune in your colors and stand out from the crowd!


Hints and Tips

  • Start with a small amount of pigment, you can always add more pigment to deepen the color. 
  • Blend different pigments together to create custom colors.
  • Water pop for a deeper impregnation of color.
  • Coarser sanding equals more color saturation (higher grits will yield less color saturation).
  • For accurate repeatable stains, measure pigment and oil by weight. 


Always run some samples and test product on a spare surface or inconspicuous area for color before applying to the finished project!


Final Notes

  • Wood is a natural material. Each species and each piece may finish differently.
  • Surface preparation is of utmost importance for a beautiful finish, be thorough and diligent!
  • Color is subjective, and beauty is in the eye of the beholder.


Sold by volume in 9oz jars.

Mr. Cornwall's Creative Colours - Southern Pecan

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  • For use with Odie’s Oil, Super Duper Oil, or Solvent Free Super Penetrating Oil.

    How to Apply:

    Choose the desired pigment and mix/stir it in very well with the selected oil. Apply with a non-woven pad (rated equal to or higher than your last sanding) in small circular motions, working the stain into the surface. Once buffed in, let set for 10 minutes to no longer than one hour. Buff off completely using a quality terry cotton towel until dry to touch. 

    If an additional application of finish is desired, please allow 1-5 days of dry time. Variables such as drying conditions, humidity levels, products used, wood species or medium type, along with desired effects, are all to be considered. 

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