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Custom Solid Cherry Round Dining Table


* 1-1/2" thick solid wood table top

* 60" diameter

* Round base with 5 legs and continuous circular skirt

* Skirt features arching details

* Finished in Odie's Oil


Local pickup only.

Solid Cherry Round Dining Table

SKU: tblrnd60-c
C$4,258.34 Regular Price
C$3,619.59Sale Price
Excluding Sales Tax
  • There are three different ways to clean things that are finished with Odie’s products:

    1. You can mix 1 part vinegar with 10 parts water and clean with a terry cotton cloth.
    2. You can use soapy water (like dish soap), but remember to rinse all the suds off, and then wipe it dry.
    3. You can make your own cleaner using Odie’s Cleaning Concentrate. To do this, you can make a mixture - mix 2% of Odie's Cleaner Concentrate with 98% water in a spray bottle. Just spray, wipe clean, and dry.

    Caring for your Odie's finished product is easy! While your finish should give you years of service, there may come a time when you want to refresh or repair your finish. With Odie's oils, it's super easy! Just clean the surface, and buff on a new layer of finish. There's no sanding, stripping, or other preparation! Refer to the general application instructions for futher information on how refish your surface.

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